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Love Songs

It's almost impossible to listen to music without hearing some love songs. Love is probably the reason that most songs are written.

So it seems natural that there should be a category for love songs.

Classic Rock Music

Everybody seems to have a different definiton of what classic rock music is. Usually, what they like the most is classic to them. Well, I'm the same. I like rock and roll recorded from the 1950s into the 1980s. And I'll occasionally listen to songs recorded in the 1990s.

Rock and roll has changed quite a bit over the years. And a lot of younger people don't even know where it came from. So here's a chance for them to broaden their musical appreciation. And for the rest of us to just sit back and enjoy.

Mostly Classic Rock Music

These playlists are just that - mostly classic rock music with some other genres mixed in.

I like different types of music. And sometimes I like them mixed together. I guess it keeps me from getting bored.

The Best Of 1950's Music

I was born in St. Louis in 1948 and lived there until I was 10. So most of the music I remember from that period was recorded in the 1950s.

Big band music was fading out and rock and roll music was just getting started.

Although my childhood wasn't much fun, I really enjoyed the music.

The Best Of 1960's Music

From St. Louis we moved to Southern Illinois. Then when I was 14 we moved to Chicago. It was 1962 and rock and roll was going strong.

Soon the British bands invaded and rock really got rolling.

And then there was Vietnam, which I'll get into later.

The Best Of 1970's Music

I spent the late 1960s and all of the 1970s denying that I had been effected by the Vietnam War. But nobody can go through something like that and not be effected.

And then there was the attitude of the self-righteous protesters who didn't like Vietnam veterans. We even had trouble getting jobs because of the way most people felt toward us.

Looking back, I think my mind was numb. And my own attitude wasn't very good.

But the 1970s had some great music. And that music helped me get through it.

Best Music By Year 55-94

If you want to hear what songs came out in a particular year, this is the place for you.

Some people have asked me why I don't include later years. The answer is simple. I'm not that into music from the later years. So I don't have very much of it.

But if you like the same kind of music that I like, you're at the right website.

Motown Music

When I was in my teens, Motown music was a big part of me. And so it remains.

Motown music just seams to have something very special about it.

My Favorite Musicians

When I first started putting together these playlists, I didn't realize how many musicians I'd have to include.

These playlists are not complete. And I don't know if I'll ever have time to finish them.

Hard Rock Music

Hard rock music has many definitions. And I'm sure that some people will disagree with me and my choices as to what I included in these playlists.

But again, as with other genres, I've included the songs that I like.

Soft And Gentle Music

Okay, it's time to relax, unwind, and just enjoy. Find a quiet, comfortable place, and let the world go by.

Instrumental Music

Who says there has to be words? These are some very talented musicians playing some beautiful tunes. And sometimes it's nice to just listen to the instruments.

Horn Music

It's amazing how much music just involves horns. Horns are the main instruments of most of the big bands, and some of the smaller ones.

Big Band Era Music

I didn't start listening to big band era music until I was in my 40s. I was changing radio stations and stumbled upon a song that I remember my parents listening to when I was a child.

As I continued listening to the station, I was amazed at how wonderful that music was. And I heard more and more music that I remembered.

I've been hooked ever since.

Classic Country Music

I particularly like the country and western music recorded in the 1960s and 1970s. The stuff I know the best is from the late 60s, when I spent a lot of time in honkytonks in Texas.

Light Hearted Music

Light hearted music comes in almost all genres. But some artists, such as Guy Lombardo, Spike Jones, and Roger Miller, recorded a lot of light hearted stuff. So you'll find them and others mixed into these playlists.

80 Minutes Or Less

These are songs that I've put on CDs so that I can listen to them in my car. Most of the songs are classic rock. But they are mixed with other genres.

I had a CD player in my car that held 12 CDs. So I always had plenty of music that I liked.

Ragtime Music

I first became interested in ragtime music when I saw the movie "The Sting." Since then, I've collected a number of ragtime recordings, some of the songs being recorded by multiple artists.

I've chosen some of my favorites to include in these playlists.

Vietnam War Era Music

This playlist is music that brings back memories of when I was in Vietnam. There's a short narative that goes along with each song.


The Artists

Listen to music from Curtis Lee, Scott Joplin, Stan Getz & Astrid Gilberto, Guy Lombardo, The Sir Douglas Quintet, Chicago, Neil Diamond & Chet Atkins, Bob Moore, Air Supply, The Doors, Terry Stafford, Perry Como & The Fontaine Sisters, Al Hirt, The Carpenters, Tammy Wynette, Ray Stevens, The Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr, Big Brother & The Holding Company (Featuring Janis Joplin), Eric Clapton, Gordon Lightfoot, The Guess Who, Henry Mancini, Jethro Tull, Barbara Lewis, and The Del-Vikings.

The Songs

Songs include Pretty Little Angel Eyes, The Easy Winners, The Girl From Ipanema, The Music Goes Round And Around, She's About A Mover, 25 Or 6 To 4, Blue Highway, Mexico, Lost In Love, Love Her Madly, Suspicion, You're Just In Love, Java, This Masquerade, Stand By Your Man, Guitarzan, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, No No Song, Combination Of The Two, I Need A Man, Hey Hey, If You Could Read My Mind, No Sugar Tonight, The Pink Panther, Living In The Past, Hello Stranger, Come Go With Me.

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  1. Curtis Lee - Pretty Little Angel Eyes - 1961
  2. Scott Joplin - The Easy Winners - 1901
  3. Stan Getz & Astrid Gilberto - The Girl From Ipanema - 1964
  4. Guy Lombardo - The Music Goes Round And Round - 1930s
  5. The Sir Douglas Quintet - She's About A Mover - 1965
  6. Tommy Dorsey & Jake Leonard - Marie - 1949
  7. The Earls - Remember Then - 1962
  8. Spike Jones - Three Little Words - 1930
  9. The Statler Brothers - Flowers On The Wall - 1966
  10. Kenny Ball - Midnight In Moscow - 1961
  11. Nat King Cole - That Sunday, That Summer - 1963
  12. The Platters - Only You - 1955
  13. Bob Moore - Mexico - 1961
  14. The Chiffons - One Fine Day - 1966
  15. Air Supply - Lost In Love - 1980
  16. The Doors - Love Her Madly - 1971
  17. Terry Stafford - Suspicion - 1964
  18. Perry Como & The Fontaine Sisters - You're Just In Love - 1950
  19. Al Hirt - Java - 1964
  20. The Carpenters - This Masquerade - 1973
  21. Skeeter Davis - I Can't Stay Mad At You - 1963
  22. Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline - 1969
  23. The Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking - 1967
  24. Spanky & Our Gang - Lazy Day - 1970
  25. The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight - 1970
  26. The Boston Pops - Buglers' Holiday - 1954
  27. Peggy Lee - Big Spender - 1966